Learn the Five Secrets to Buying Auto Insurance in NY

Book Cover

Jim Reed, Managing Partner of the Ziff Law Firm and one of New York’s leading personal injury attorneys, has just published a book outlining what all drivers should know about auto insurance. It will show you how to better protect yourself and your loved ones by explaining complex legal issues in an easy to understand manner. Entitled “Learn the Five Secrets to Buying Auto Insurance,” the book will answer the following questions and more:

  • What are the types of coverage I really need, and how much coverage do I need?
  • How can I figure out exactly what situations I’m covered for—and which ones I’m not?
  • How do I know my insurance agent is telling me everything I should know?
  • When can I sue another driver for my injuries?
  • What is the best overall insurance plan for my family?

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“A few weeks ago, I received a copy of your booklet entitled “Learn The 5 Secrets to buying Auto Insurance”. After studying it cover to cover, reviewing my current policy, and arming myself with the knowledge from the book, I headed out to do some Insurance shopping. I ended up saving over $300 on my Auto Policy, while increasing my coverage by 500%. The agents I spoke with were impressed with my knowledge of Car Insurance, and in at least one case, I ended up showing them your booklet. They thought it was very well put together, and felt it was a valuable resource for the Auto Insurance amateur.

Thank you very much for your work. It is nice to know that someone is looking out for the consumer.”
Dave Johnson
Corning, NY

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