If you don’t have the right kind of insurance coverage, you might as well be riding your motorcycle naked!

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In his new book, New York and Pennsylvania Motorcycle Lawyer Adam M. Gee shares his knowledge of motorcycle insurance gleaned from
years of handling motorcycle cases. Tired of seeing bikers with huge injuries go uncompensated because of insurance decisions they made years earlier, Adam decided to do something about it. He wrote this book to educate bikers about the type and amount of insurance they should carry BEFORE they need that insurance.

In this book, Adam dispels common myths about motorcycle insurance, explains why bikers need to worry about their own insurance, even if they are NOT at fault for the accident, explains how to protect yourself and your family, and reveals the most important insurance you can have, and why your insurance agent won't sell it to you!

I Highly Recommend That You Read This Book In the Comfort of Your Own Home BEFORE You Talk to the Adjuster, Sign Any Forms or Visit an Attorney for That "Free Consultation"

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